Limes of Communications

Posted By AndyFan: Apparent Lee, one of us is not paying attention to the other. This is not the first time that this has happened, but it is the first time that AndyFan will take the blame. Andy just does not listen to things not related to Andy. This is my fault for uddering nonsense. I thought he liked nonsense, but then I remembered that he only liked causing nonsense. Very different indeed.

This morning Andy called with a request. And by this morning I mean three and a half weeks ago. The request was of a very Andy nature. Andy has many friends and acquaintances that share certain traits that strike Andy as being odd (I am not worthy to be called a friend, but as an acquaintance he has mentioned that I am odd). The one key trait is that each of Andy’s entourage (we’ll just include both friends and acquaintances in this grouping, I like to be included) has a quirk that is all their own, each unique but able to rub Andy in a similarly wrong way. Which is odd in itself seeing as how Andy just loves a good massage. But that is another story altogether. Andy is a go-to, spur of the moment kind of guy. He likes his spontaneity to rule the day and to go au naturel (read this post). For some reason the members of his entourage seem to squash his momentum. They all have these rules that ruin the moment. Kill it in fact. Slaughter it like a baby calf being shipped off for Andy’s veal scallopini dinner. Inane rules that make no sense. “This can’t be posted that way.” “You can’t say that on this blog.” “Make sure my eyes sparkle when you take my picture.” “Take that post down now, before I call the cops you pervert.” Typically Andy pays no attention to these rules. He wouldn’t even know they existed in fact, except that they are sometimes an obstacle to his spurred moment. The member of his entourage holds something beneficial to Andy in their possession and will not relinquish control of it until Andy makes the situation just so.

So Andy calls me today (three weeks ago) and asked me to work on this for him. He goes on about the latest obstacle to his moments of glory and self-praise. I tell him that it is a shame that he has to deal with these kinds of issues. How does he attract such people in his life? We talk for a while. Later that day (today, three weeks later) he brings up what he called about that day (not really sure when this happened now). Apparent Lee, I don’t pay attention. He didn’t want me to work on the problem of why his entourage is always halting his progress. He wanted me to figure out how to appease his entourage in order to get his spurriness back and thus get control of said possessions. My quirk— always working on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sorry boss.

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