Aug 26 2011

Coincidence, we think not!

Posted by AndyFan: Struck with fear like an AndyFan caught in the grill of a Grand Marquis, New Yorkers are bracing for the second natural disaster in one week trumping all time historical records. We (it’s only me people, but the voices keep me company) are following the storm from down south with bated breath. Not quite sure what to make of its path, but we do have to wonder the odds of not one but two terrifying calamities in a four day period. Irene is coming off the Atlantic and Californians are mocking New Yorkers. Our only answer, ANDY! Nothing spells epic disaster like a pre-labor day weekend explosion of Andysized proportions. No, that was actually not a fat joke.

Aug 29 2010

I Couldn’t Give Two Hoots

Posted by AndyFan: Four of the little effers. And I got em all. It’s like they are multiplying. I keep seeing them everywhere. And not on my long walks in the middle of the night through prince infested forests. I mean everywhere. Tattoos are nothing, these effers are starting to scare me too.

Feb 25 2010


Okay… I had a great post for my mediocre return to this blog but for some reason I can’t upload photos. It’s killing the whole thing. WTF?? I hate computers.

Aug 5 2009


Aug 4 2009


Aug 3 2009

Story of my (recent) life…