Mar 31 2009

Hard Times in Los Angeles?

Posted by AndyFan: It seems the grapevine has been active since the site launched yesterday. Andyfan found out from one of our New York networks that our fearless hero may be on a bit of an economic downturn since finishing the last episode for season one of Slangman’s World back in December. We heard he was working on several directing and producing projects slated to start in the next few months, aside from promoting Slangman, but our sources have reason to think otherwise. Those That Knows in New York reported seeing Andy on ABCs Dancing With the Stars episode last night. It turns out Andy may be moonlighting as an assistant for none other than Apple co-founder and current Dancing With The Stars contestant, Steve Wozniak. We are not sure how Andy got hooked up with Woz, but he is not the only Hollywood celeb to turn to the MAC guru during these troubled times. In the photo below we are pretty sure we can make out Anthony Michael Hall (dude, Gary from Weird Science) along side Andy, both trailing behind Woz on their Segways. Not sure where Andy got his—seems too high tech and way too fuel efficient for his tastes—but maybe Woz was testing their abilities to keep up with him. Andy is always up to the challenge—look at his face. And is he riding it side saddle? Seems like the pair were edging out the rest of the competition for some time with Woz.

We are doing our best to find out what caused this turn of events and what it means for our Captain and the rest of the projects on the list at Veritas. We weren’t expecting such breaking news on day one, but Andyfan will do his best to get to the bottom of the story.

Andy Pagana and Anthony Michael Hall on Dancing With The Stars Contestant Steve Wozniak

Andy Pagana and Anthony Michael Hall with Dancing With The Stars contestant Steve Wozniak

Mar 30 2009

Hello Andy Fans!

Posted by AndyFan: Welcome from the world of Andy. As #1 AndyFan I want to thank you for taking the time to inquire about Andy Pagana. He wouldn’t do the same for you. Well, at least he has tried and hasn’t found anything that warrants reading, or he has finished all that he thought worthy so he moved on to creating something truly amazing for all to read, listen and watch. So stay tuned. No really, he does exist—stay where you are and wait. He leaves if you don’t pay attention. Maybe this will be the forum that helps him conquer the world.

Greetings from Warshingten!