Nov 30 2009

I don’t get it…

What’s with this Tiger Woods controversy with his accident? He wasn’t drinking or doing drugs, so why do we give a shit? WTF??? Somebody please tell me what the fascination is. He’s not even hurt.

Nov 23 2009

The Andy Quote of the Day

I like truth and honesty, even if one has to be sneaky and underhanded to get to it.

Nov 19 2009

I Hate Owls

I really hate them with all my heart. They are evil, vicious little things.

Nov 17 2009

The FU@#!ING Evil Owls are back!!!


Okay. True story. I was beginning to think that maybe I should take it easy on owls. I was actually coming around. Not sure why. My forgiving nature I suppose. I mean, I haven’t felt haunted by them lately. In fact, they’ve all but left me alone. I started to think “Maybe I miss understood them. Maybe they are serving a positive purpose in my life”. I almost wrote a post that gave them a little bit of credit. 

And then BOOM! 

They’re back. They’re back, haunting me in ways I cannot even begin to tell you. 

And so, last night I go to The Echo Park Film Festival to see my buddy Robert Beaucage’s short film ‘Resonance’. It was a pleasant enough experience until I was looking for an exit and found myself in the water closet and came face to face with a GIANT, EVIL LOOKING OWL piercing me with it’s eyes. Look at how creepy it is. Who can relax enough to do their business long enough with this omen of death.

They’re back. And it seems they’re not fu@#!ing around!