May 29 2009

Mr. Mills… Here is a picture of my Gram because you made me think of Michael Lee.

Hey Mr. Mills. I think this is the first time my blog is written specifically to one person. Well, it’s not just for you but I’m starting it addressed to you because you have changed my blog today. I was probably going to continue to complain about this sports video I am editing but you made mention of Michael Lee and made me laugh. Ahhh… Mr. Perfect. Funny enough, I have recently been in contact with Michael Lee. That dumb bastard. Ha! I love that guy! I miss the way he always said dumb… “DUUUHHHHMMM!” ha! I’m laughing out loud. Very few people other than me make me do that. So, andyway, between you appearing out of nowhere and then mentioning Michael Lee, I have enjoyed a slight trip down memory lane, which honestly has never really been that far. I wanted to post a picture of him but I couldn’t find one. Well, that’s not true. I know where they are but I’m too preoccupied to get one. So then I was going to place a random picture of you. But again… too much work right now. So instead I give you a picture of my grandma. I love my grandma. I can hear her now, calling me a horse’s ass. Ahhhh. I miss you Gram. I miss you, Mr. Mills. And yes.. Michael lee, I miss you very much too. You dumb bastard. As for the rest of you… well, we’ll see.