Mar 29 2010

The Owls are outside my window

Damn it!! For the past two mornings I have been waking up to Owls hooting outside my window. I refuse to look. It is terrifying.

Mar 18 2010

I Have a Really Dumb Friend…

I am right handed. But here is a left handed portrait I did of myself using only three colors… Blue, Brown and ORANGE!!! Why would I do such a stupid thing, you ask? Good question. Why would I? Well, it started like this… the other day I was screwing around, doing some spontaneous ‘artwork’, experimenting with pencil, gouache on canvas (gouache apparently doesn’t like canvas), some acrylic paint and black india ink. I came up with a few quick little things…

Okay, now, in full disclosure, I hate the last two. I’m not even sure why. But regardless, I did them. It didn’t take long and I had some fun. It was a study for me. I was not looking for masterpieces. Just study. I even began experimenting with my signature. So, I went to a friend of mine who really annoys me to ask for his thoughts. HE BLASTED ME. He HATED them. HATED!!! He told me some bull about me relying on the same way I have always painted and bla bla bla. So, he said I need to take three colors… orange, brown and blue and paint something. He told me to paint three things. I have only had time to do one. (Top) And look at it? WTF?? I can’t show this to anyone. So I thought I’d put it somewhere safe… a place where no one would ever see it. And that’s how it ended up here on my website.

Now, I tried to talk to this dumb friend of mine about this but he doesn’t even return my phone calls. What kind of friend of Andy is he? Doesn’t like my stuff (Doesn’t sound like an Andyfriend to me), doesn’t return my phone calls (again, not Andyfriend behavior) and steers me in a direction that gives me… THAT! (See above painting)

What the hell is happening??

Mar 15 2010


Through my quick reflexes I totally caught this guy trying to push over a parking meter. I must’ve scared him off because he immediately took off like a bat out of hell.

Mar 11 2010

This Is All I Have To Say About This!

Posted by AndyFan: Yes, I too am back. And we all know who he is pissed at.


Mar 8 2010

I’m Gettin’ Pissed!!!

I am, for lack of a better word, an artist. I sometimes deal in words but I am generally an image guy. I like images. I like to use images to illustrate my ideas. I tell stories in images. It’s easier and quicker. And I have become lazy so it helps me. And I prefer pictures probably because I can rarely articulate my thoughts in words.

But for some reason I can’t seem to upload photos. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO EVEN MOTIVATE MYSELF LATELY??? And when I eek out enough energy to actually do something I can’t. I am prevented because of some BS computer issue. I HATE COMPUTERS!! I want to blow them up. I have things to say! OWLS are effing everywhere and I can’t even complain about it.

And where the F is Andyfan? Abandoned me!!! WTF??? I know this is his fault. I sure as hell know it isn’t mine!!

Mar 6 2010

Road Rage

I wish I could take all the drivers in California, smush them together with the ones from New Jersey and make one big neck out of them so I can choke it.