Either That Or It Is Really Late, And I Am Really Tired

Posted by AndyFan: The hours between 11PM and 4AM are typically our most productive here at AndyPagana.com. For one, everyone has finally left us alone. We don’t like being lonely, but somma-da-times it is the only being that allows us to work freely. Andy likes to work freely. A little too freely if you ask AndyFan (yep, third person again) but Andy does not care what AndyFan thinks. AndyFan’s issue is that Andy likes to work in the buff. This would not be a problem, as AndyFan is many miles away from Andy at any given moment (stupid restraining order), except for the fact that Andy likes to announce what he is doing and how he is doing it, naked. Being right before bedtime, it is hard (ok Andy, stop laughing) for AndyFan to get the image of the plastic covered sofa sticking to Andy out of his head. It’s right there, the image in his mind that ruins AndyFan’s day. He tries to blink but it will not go away. I fear saying any more will either incite stalkers (sickos) or drive away fellow fans (i.e., those who do not want to see him naked, only see the fruits of his naked labors [ok, now you can laugh Andy]) so I will leave it at that. But as for the good ideas, many of our ramblings begin, and often end, in the wee hours of the morning, naked or clothed. We have no real staff (stupid cheap investors) to let us know the next day if our musings are worthy of posting, so we just post them. So far we think we have been spot on. This stuff is funny. But like a bad hangover, we do sometimes wake up with a ├é┬áheadache and wonder, what was I laughing at last night? Was it worth it? Will I regret it later in the day? Does anyone else know? Did anyone else hear me? Why does my ass hurt? Oh, because I fell off my chair and hit the corner of the table. Maybe I should have stopped this one a few minutes ago. Oh well, can’t win them all. Goodnight.

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