Jun 19 2009

“Dammit Borno…”

…I said to a friend of mine. ‘Apple Olive’ wants to charge me $150 just to diagnose the problem with my hard drive.”

“Thats cheap” he said without skipping a beat.


Jun 18 2009


Panera bread. This morning. I’m attempting not to be late for week. Need breakfast. The idiot woman in front of me had been in line for several minutes before it was her turn. She finally goes up to the counter. Stares at the menu for what seems like 5 minutes. (Andy time is different than real time) She orders. “Egg and cheese on a bagel”

“What kind of bagel?” the clerk person asks.

“Uhhh… oh…” like she didn’t realize she had to answer that question. She stares at the bagels. 


Didn’t she know that question was coming? And even if not, doesn’t she know what bagel she wants? And if not, can’t she stand aside and let me go? 

I don’t know why some people make things so difficult.

She orders an everything. It took her seven minutes to order an everything bagel. Like, in her head, she went though each bagel… “Well, I do like the onion… but I want poppy seeds too, but then again there’s always the raisin thing… I wonder if I can get one with all those things on it…”

Goodness lady. How is it I was born knowing I want everything and you have to think about it?

Jun 15 2009

There is a quote from a movie that I think I am going to one day relate to…

“Do you remember how dumb I used to be? Well, I’m better now.”

Jun 12 2009

Goodbye Rabbit Ears


It has come to my attention that today is the day we change to a digital signal for our televisions. I’m gonna miss you my ol’ antenna.

Jun 10 2009

The Spirit Of Andy Compels Me

RATED PG-13 Posted by AndyFan: On the heels of a not so Andy filled post (he just doesn’t see where it’s going people, would someone please help me out here), I thought it fitting to totally omit Andy from my next post as well. Well, he is only missing in content, never in spirit, and that is sometimes more fun. And actually, he is a rather big fan (read that as you will) of the subject of today’s The Spirit of Andy Compels Me, American automobilés. This is perhaps why, as I read about the industries latest state of chaos I start to question a few things that do not seem to be on the minds of most people, except maybe Andy, if he had the time to have something on his mind these days. He is very busy. Give him a hand people. With that I give you, The Spirit of Andy Compels Me:

So, recently the US “officially” bought General Motors. Well, the US, the Canadians, the UAW and some bondholders (sounds really effin fishy to me) own the “new” GM. I drove past the lot today and they look like the same ol’ GMs to me, but I am no car expert. Or truck expert, since that is all that seems to be out front at any GM dealership I pass lately. Apparently they had to pay off some Germans to get the deal done—again, pretty effing fishy to me. I thought this was an American car company. Why were we so worried about saving it if it was owned by quasi-French and some krauts? Can someone explain this to me? Then today it is announced that the fascists bought Chrysler. What do Italians know about cars? Have they ever made a car that sold in the United States? And what is a Fiat? Is that the Italian word for foot? Is this some über-green car company that will have us all driving like Fred Flintstone ala the cavemobile? No fuel needed at all. The whole thing has me very worried. How did these companies not see this coming? What was going through GMs head (yes, referring to them as one mega-dumb-entity) when they bought Hummer? What made the Hummer cool was that Arnold Schwarzenegger owned one. People, he is a rich mother-effer. A really rich mother-effer in fact. I have seen the people who drive Hummers now a days. You are not that rich you stupid pricks. In fact, you are probably not rich at all. Your lease will be up soon. Try getting that overly inflated ego into a Daewoo. Not gonna be easy. The novelty of the Hummer was that Arnie was the one person who had a civilian version. One person. Singular. It’s cool when you stand alone. When you are number one. And he is a bodybuilder. A huge, massively thick human being. He needed a Hummer just to support his left nut. And really, he was never going very far anyway. He lives in California. They don’t really drive far in California. They just move their cars across the street all day long. They are all on the same schedule too, which is why there is so much gridlock. So what Conan The Destroyer drives should in no way affect what the country drives. But, it did. And what was the first division GM dumped? Hummer. Nah, really? Didn’t see that coming! Ya dumb effs! Ford is the one Big 3 (I think that phrase can officially go the way of the Dodo, there is nothing big about them anymore) that opted out of some sort of government backed assistance. They would get the official AndyPagana.com seal of approval for that—especially since their Mercury Grand Marquis is the Official Unsponsored Automobile of AndyPagana.com—but Ford apparently got in the way of the development of the a mass transportation network in Southern California, so he and his namesake company get a giant raspberry instead. Seriously, Henry Ford stood in the way of everyone having their own train. Now that would have been effing cool.

Let’s just cover the green movement for a moment. Al Gore was preaching to the masses twenty years ago. There should be two no-fuel cars in every garage at this very moment. As for GM, their giant eco-push over the last year was the Hybrid Tahoe. Guess what, it got 50% more gas mileage than the previous non-hybrid model. That would be amazing if the previous model was getting 30 mpg, but no, the previous model was getting 12 mpg. Do the math now. That’s right. 18mpg. WOW! Nice move GM. So you can sell more high-end SUVs to people who could already afford to waste all that gas and not realize they were slowly killing their live-in-nanny-raised trophy kids. Never mind the people who can’t afford your cars or the gas it takes to move them. They don’t buy things. They can’t help your company.

Turning the finger to you people for a few moments. Why do you all need small buildings to drive around in? You know who drives Suburbans, soccer moms. Not moms with one or two kids—moms with 6 kids. Six kidded moms is a separate rant altogether, but if you don’t fit the bill, you don’t need a boat to get you from point a to b. And if you buy an SUV for the one week vacation you drive to once a year, eff off and shove your crap in the trunk. And don’t tell me it’s for safety. Those bohemeths are not safer. In fact, they abide by a lower safety standard than safe cars. Years of increasing safety regulations and you all throw it out the window. The only thing you are protecting yourself from are more people who drive around like you—badly. If you had a smaller car, you wouldn’t run into each other as often. Think about it. Unless you are a contractor, a delivery person, or transporting cattle, you don’t need a truck. SUVs are trucks you dumbasses. You drive a truck. You are a truck driver. There I said it. Frucking Tuck Drivers!

Ok, now for the real rant. Where the flock are my flying cars! Talk about missing the boat on this one. President Obama shouldn’t be mandating higher fuel efficiency in the forth-coming cars from our newly restructured auto-makers, he should be demanding my garbage-eating Delorean damn it! I want my hovering car in the next five years. And I want to peal an orange and throw the rind in my tank and take off to 2010, where I am told life should be better. Screw it, I hate oranges, I am throwing in the whole thing. Give me a grapefruit instead. I have been watching reruns of afternoon cartoons for going on 40 years, and they told me that I would be flying around in my transport vehicle by now, not driving on the street. In fact, it should have happened ten years ago according to my research. And when I would otherwise need to park, I should be able to push a button and the car folds up like a Transformer that I put it in my wallet until I am ready for it again. These were reruns people. Nickelodean didn’t create these things, some bankrupt studio did in the fifties and sixties. I want hoverboards and George Jetson cars and I want them now.

The Germans that GM paid off run Opel. Adam Opel started out making sewing machines and bicycles. Sewing Machines and bicycles people! His sons switched to making cars when both of those machines were deemed obsolete by Chinese seemstresses and automobiles. They saw a change on the horizon and they switched gears. Sound familiar. NO! That’s because we don’t understand that thinking. It seems you can buy a German car company, but you can’t buy the mind behind a German car company. You know what else Opel makes? Zeppelins. Yep, the flying balloons. Think about this here. Merge the two and what do you have, a flying car. But no, GM paid them off to make sure we were American. WTF? Where the hell is my flying car. I want to see the USA from my Zeppelin Chevrolet. It should be roomy enough for me, but not as large as a Suburban. If you say you need a Suburban to go to the grocery store you are flipping moron. My grandmother put her groceries in a cart, wheeled it up a hill, then walked them up several flights of stairs. Now, had she had a flying car like she was supposed to, she could fly them right on up to the kitchen window, pull up onto the roof, pop the button and walk down the stairs with her flying car shoved up her sleeve like any self-respecting grandma. But no, she nor I have the flying cars we were promised. Who the hell do I talk to about that?

Jun 9 2009

I have a new favorite game

I love diners. But as you know I have a problem with the lack of attention I get at them. So I developed a new game this morning. A game that only works when you pay with credit cards, which I do. See, when I feel I have been wronged at a diner, (and by that I mean I do not get my coffee refilled in a timely manner or do not get my toast WITH my eggs) I am going to give a tip with a random amount of change added to it… for example, instead of giving $2.00, I will give $2.34. BUT I will add it wrong to the tip and walk out before anyone notices. Let them freakin figure it out.

Jun 8 2009

There Is Not Enough

Posted by AndyFan: There is not enough time in the day or minutes in the hour, enough sunlight in the summer or darkness in the winter; there are not enough paranthetical thoughts, nor hyphenated words, run on sentences or compound adjectives; there is not enough love to go around, or hate to kill a clown; British people with fancy British voices, American people with too many American choices; grand cars with grand car names; small cars with small car frames, paragraphs that start to sound like Dr. Seuss, thoughts that don’t add up to much, even the poop of a moose; there are not enough strangers to say hey stranger too, nor friends of andypagana.com to count each day anew; in fact there is not enough Andy for you know who, nor enough Andy for me and you; there will never be more than one, never anyone who is more fun; he will always be number one, even if google counts that other one; there will just never be enough.  (Seriously, we don’t even know what this all means, this post is only semi-serious, all but the Andy parts, compound adjectives, poop of a moose, the too many American choices, and of course the parathetical thoughts and hyphenated words.)

Jun 8 2009


I hate you.

Jun 7 2009


I am devastated! Some idiot combined my love for Superman with my hate for sport! All’s I gotta say.. I mean… what I want to say is… uhhhh.. I can’t handle this any more.


Jun 6 2009

I May Have A Problem

Posted by AndyFan: So in conversation with Andy tonight he revealed that he may have an eating problem. It is minor, and nothing to be worried about. At least not yet I hope. And I quote,

“So the other day, National Donut Day, …”

The story went on, of which I heard very little after that. I pondered just how many and what would have happened had there been a Dunkin Donuts nearby.