We Have Some Work To Do!

Posted by AndyFan: So Andy calls AndyFan one night and asks what it would take to do some scanning of an odd nature.

What kind of odd nature asks AndyFan.

Oh, I don’t know says Andy, abnormal sized things.

Well, we can do it in pieces and put it together says AndyFan.

OK, that sounds good, we can do that says Andy.

Anything else says AndyFan.

Well, we would need to do some small film scanning, maybe some 16mm says Andy.

Oh, we might need to build a mount for that, so it scans evenly says AndyFan.

Oh, ok, says Andy.

That all we need to do, asks AndyFan.

By we I mean you, says Andy.

We knew that, says AndyFan.

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