Insert Mouth, Step On Foot

Posted By AndyFan: The notion that I need to say any more about this title is beyond words. You people, all of you, should be well aware of what makes this make sense. But since the topic is at hand, and I placed it there, I figure there is no better time than now to discuss this quandary. If you have ever been in the situation where it is not enough to simply say that you put your foot in your mouth you know of what I am referring. It is as if the stars have aligned and well, nothing is going to go in your favor, so you might as well get comfy and keep on walking, one foot on top of the next. It is the moment when you not only ask the heavy set androgynous man when he is due, but compliment his ensemble to make him/her feel better, because if he were what you thought him to be, that would make her feel better. I mean him.

But wait, you are enjoying the site of the car wreck that you didn’t realize may be your very own life for the next few moments? You long for more? You need to know how you can avoid making someone you have never met but forty minutes prior cry at the deep and long-lost history of her and her former significant other, even though you know nothing of her, her former significant other, or her fiancé-to-tomorrow-maybe-maybe-not-now-be husband. You are confused by the great power it gives you to alter someones day so meaningfully, while not feeling quite as good about yourself as you did when you were trying to help that old lady on the street the other day. That is before you realized there are no old ladies in Hollywood, that poor girl will get no where in this town with out a lift or two, and you either have to get out more often or maybe just stay in for a change and watch a movie. Either way, daydreaming while at work and getting caught is never a good idea so I should stop writing this post before my feet are sore.

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