A Real Life Comparison

Posted by AndyFan: There are many things that Andy likes to wax poetic about. (I for one would just love to see a hairless Edgar Allen Poe, might not be so intimidating.) At other times he is ready to fight down and dirty if he thinks you are just foolish in what you believe. (He does sometimes think that, but it is usually because you haven’t thought your thoughts all the way through.) There are yet even other times when he is just very philosophical and profound. Last night was such a case. We were conversing (yes, the words will be as elongated and elaborate as possible for the remainder of this web log post, it is very profound to make them so) about the various incarnations of medicinal practices. Modern and western versus eastern and holistic. Ingesting pills with chemical names that have never really been given the proper examination beyond a very limited and controlled study (much like the interweb) compared to say yoga and eating properly (been around forever, must be good). By no means does he feel that it is an easy task to find healthy food. (And good, it has to taste good. Why else would you eat it if it didn’t taste good. In fact let’s make it great. Healthy food costs more. It should taste great.) It is an ongoing frustration that Andy is faced with when he can not find accessible healthy food. (OK, it has to taste great and it has to be accessible. Easily accessible.) So in our dialogue of post new age thinking ( I am hereby claiming that phrase if no one has yet, Andy you get 50%) we got to a solution that Andy was very adament about. He even recommended it to me for many of my ails. I am not quite sure how accupuncture will allow me to write more and answer the phone when he calls, but somehow Andy thinks it will. I believe him so I will try. He steared me in the right directions with those massage thingys he is always getting. I love those now. Pre-Andy, I wouldn’t let anyone but a pretty woman touch me. Now, the stronger the Chinese man the better. Thank you Andy. If I am not writing, I am most likely laying on a table waiting for my man. And don’t fret, the words flow when I am done. So back to his latest suggestion. I have never been opposed to accupuncture, it’s just the needles that I have a problem with. But I grow each day, so I will get past my fears. As I started to swing the conversation to another controversial method, I could feel Andy get silent. As soon as I uddered the word chiropractor Andy said no. I was caught off guard. I didn’t know what to say. I meekly asked why. Andrew got his composure and explained, “Look I can only put it like this. It is real simple. Chiropractory is like me being a doctor. It’s just not delicate. You do not want that.”

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