AndyPagana.Com Is Expanding

Posted By AndyFan: No, we aren’t getting larger. Ok, we are, but that’s not what I mean. So what if we put on a few pounds? Shouldn’t we take a part in the glut that we deserve as we reap the spoils of internet stardom? Our list of green room demands are short, but we are still a little bit jaded by infamy. We want freezer cold M&Ms in our dressing rooms, and none of those blue ones. Take those little effers out. Who came up with blue? They say it was based on buyer surveys. Really? You were selling 1 trillion and 1 M&Ms a day, you needed a survey to tell you that no gives a rats tooshy what color they are, yet somehow some lame brain said, uh, I’ld like blue. Who cares what color they are? They taste like M&Ms and that is all that matters. Although the dark brown-light brown combo was always a little confusing. Why two browns? Was it just the mix of all the left over dyes? I never favored the light browns. I did eat them first, so I could savor the “better” ones (everything but the light brown ones). Kind of like those yummy black and white cookies you can get in New York City. I always eat the chocolate side first, because I like the white side better and want to savor it. Sometimes I’ll even eat the chocolate side in two bites, just to get to the white side. Is it strange that I call it the chocolate side and the white side. What flavor is the white side? It’s not vanilla. What the hell is it? Is it just the sugar side? I don’t care it’s the better side.

Well, I am obviously too consumed with food (consumed too much food?), I totally forgot what this post was about. Oh yeah. We hired an intern. Well, we use the word “hire” with the broadest definition possible. He works for us. We throw food at him now and again (he gets the blue ones after they bounce off of his forehead). His name isn’t Bridge, but we call him that. He is our video grunt. He posts the videos around here. Sometimes he checks in on the cattle as well. We plan on having more videos, so we needed someone to get the info from onto WordPress. You would think it would be easier, but apparently it isn’t, otherwise we wouldn’t waste the blue ones on some video grunt (we would make moderen art with them if you must know). So welcome Bridge, the video grunt.

Oh, Andy, I hired an intern. Read above for the details.

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