You Stupid Beeotch

Posted By AndyFan: Andy has a friend named Moira. He can’t stand her. But he won’t tell her this. He is just too nice of a guy. He should just throw her to the curb, but Andy has morals. Or morsals, I get all confused when I am hungry. He will not say it like it is to her. Moira does not own or use a computer, at least not a personal computer like the fancy ones we write on here at (there is no we people, it’s just Andy and me and there is nothing fancy about our operation), so I feel as though I am at liberty to discuss his utter frustration and near hatred for Moira. She is a stupid beeotch. That felt good to get off my chest. You don’t know how many times I have been on the phone with Andy and she interupts. It would be one thing if it were for a worthy or noble cause. And I am not even talking an Andy cause. I would be willing to be interrupted for any cause. Andy will argue this, but at least something good coming from Moira opening her stupid mouth would be a positive. I don’t mean to be mean, but yeah I do. She sucks. Everytime I call, ok, everytime he calls me, we are interupted by Moira, who will in a matter of moments destroy everything Andy worked on that day by leading him down the wrong path. I get mad at her but he won’t tell her. So I am putting it out there. Out there for the world to hear and witness. Don’t talk to Moira. First off, it’s as if she doesn’t hear a word you say. Second, she just doesn’t care. If you accept her into your life you will be on her time, following her around until you are simply lost and at your wits’ end. That’s when you call me. If you were Andy that is. I ain’t giving all you people my phone number.

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