The Return of AndyFan

Posted By AndyFan: Yes ladies and gentleman (I use that latter phrase loosely, I have seen our male fan base), AndyFan is back. I don’t want to give away any surprises but my absence was due in part to planning our summer features. I have been collecting material from my resources (I say my because Andy doesn’t share his resources with me, keeps telling me to get my own donut) and will be posting some fun (would they be anything else?) items over the next two months, maybe even longer if my resources are better at sending me stuff than I am about keeping up with this blog. I would promise not to let you or Andy down (really, this all for Andy, I don’t even know you people) but I have made promises before and come up short, especially with Andy. So no prmoises. Makes my life easier. And second to amusing Andy, that is my primary concern, keeping my life easy, hence why I have been absent. Oh, wait, that was because I was traveling the globe in search of the history that is known of Andy. The world needs to know his history. He keeps telling me he is historical. Or was it hysterical? Oh crap. I really gotta get back in the swing of things.

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