How hard is it to just refill my coffee??

Seriously, I love diners. Anyone who knows me knows my love for diners. I am most comfortable at a diner. I write at diners. I draw at diners. i think at diners. I even eat at diners. Master film editor Ralph Rosenblum died a bit too young partially from eating every meal, every day, in a diner. I had a teacher in college that would warn us of this… the dangers of editors eating at diners. The dangers of anyone eating every meal at a diner. Pfff. 

I will go on about this in length if I continue on this path but that is not the purpose of this rant. The purpose of this rant is to bring to light the one problem I will have at diners. That these days the damn waitresses never seem to fill the coffee as often as they should. I never want to see the bottom of my cup. How hard is this? This IS their job. FILL THE COFFEE!! That’s the number one reason people go to diners… or “coffee shops”. See it’s even in the title… “COFFEE shop”. Seriously, what is the problem. Every few minutes grab the damn pot and walk around. People want it. And if you’re not going to do it, don’t get offended if I get up and pour it myself. Because I will. If you did your job, I wouldn’t have to. 

It’s so annoying. I hate getting my food and not have enough coffee to drink with it. I get anxious as my food gets cold as I try to flag down my damn waitress. Look over every once in a while. Quit gabbing and start pouring. And why you’re at it, fill it up to the top. I don’t need half the damn cup for cream. In fact, fill it up and I will drink out the amount I need for cream. I realize that could be a blog by itself, believe me it was supposed to be, but I couldn’t resist… actually I couldn’t hold back.

“Patty’s” in Burbank, near Bob’s Big Boy. Notorious for this. Shame on you. Your food is pretty damn good but look around and carry a damn coffee pot.

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