A Photo of me with Good Friends

I have no real time to tell you guys about my day, but since Andyfan must be dead somewhere I will have to pick up his slack. (S.O.B.!!) Yet, I have no time for you. (Maybe YOU should be picking up Andyfans slack!! ) And even though I don’t have any time for you I feel obligated to give you something. So I pick the easiest thing I can… For your amusement. Here is a picture of me from January 2009. I’m sorry I could only find one with some friends in it. At least, they are good friends. (Notice Andyfan is not in the photo.) Enjoy. I hope this gives you enough to go until next time. Maybe I should tell you my thoughts about how hard it is to find 5 minutes to write for you while I’m battling all kinds of things, including broken computers. (Lousy “technology”. Go back to the stone ages where you belong) Also, I find the things I really want to say I can’t as… well, I am highly opinionated and people do not like hearing the truth.

But I refuse to rant.


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