This IS The Serious Side of Andy

Posted by AndyFan: In an effort to show all sides of our favorite friend Andy, AndyFan must admit that we were informed recently by those close to Andy that we may not be presenting the more serious side of Andrew. The subtle and sensitive side. The side he is apparently not prone to show too often. This reaction of course begged the question, Is there a more serious side of Andy Pagana? Small as is it may be, we found that yes, there actually is.

But as we conjured a witty response and thought for days or hours or minutes about the subject we came to the conclusion that THIS IS THE SERIOUS side of Andy, just topped with a whole lot of whipped cream, a sprinkle of cocoa and one big giant fat cherry. What could be more serious than exposing himself to the millions? He is competing with 117 million other blogs after all. And that doesn’t include China. And this is just the number of people who think what they have to say is important, let alone the number of people who think reading what complete strangers think is important is important. (I’m confused!) Nothing could be more serious than a blog. And in only a week he is winning the war on blogs—his is the first listed when you type in Andy Pagana into Google. Number one in just a week. And we weren’t even trying.

It was in fact a very serious moment when he finally turned to me and said, I want a blog. Ok, he called me, and it was a little flippant and I wasn’t sure I should do anything, but he eventually called again and said, “No, seriously, I want a blog. How do we do make that happen?” See, he said the word seriously.  He doesn’t have time for this. I certainly don’t have time for this. But this is very serious, so we are wasting our time on this. And a lot of it.

If this still does not drive the point home consider this alternative. He dropped his serious side outside Warshington and it’s been roaming endlessly for years. We are tirelessly looking for it and thought that by setting up a blog we would have an international beacon to call it home. If anyone sees a very small, but serious, side of a human being, not attached to the rest of said human being, please log it on to computer, type in the words andy pagana in the google search bar and post a comment on its behalf. The rest of Andy is waiting. Seriously.

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