Two Directors, A Hypnotherapist and a Girl Named…Connie!

Two Directors, A Hypnotherapist, and a Girl Named Connie

Posted by AndyFan: Andy was spotted in San Francisco Saturday night, eating dinner and getting his drink on. AndyFan is a little worried as Andy is not known to be able to hold his alcohol very well—stories of him crawling around on all fours barking like a dog, dressing up in spandex while running through suburban New York neighborhoods, and video of him in a wig singing like a girl have all appeared in the tabloids. We hope that he doesn’t end up getting fined for public indecency while up north, though he would probably add that to his list of lifetime accomplishments. AndyFan was told that the Grand Marquis (it’s red, or marooooon) is parked on a steep hill, thus preventing Andy from aquiring it before first walking off the alcohol, slowly. We are sure he is wishing he had purchased that Segway. Can you lean up hill and fall backwards at the same time on one of those things?

Sleep tight Warshingten!

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