Rumor has it.

Posted by AndyFan: I am not sure how many times I can say “rumor has it” before it gets over-used, but seeing as how we are on opposite coasts, it’s all just rumor until I get word from a reliable source. And no, Andy is not a reliable source, even when it comes to his own life. Don’t even get me started on what his sister is up to lately.

So, rumor has it that Andy was seen leaving town late last night heading north. No confirmations on this just yet, but maybe he is getting some much deserved R&R, apparently the universe owes him. So, Californians, keep an eye out for a Grand Marquis leaving a path of awe behind it. It’s a beige Grand Marquis, no, it’s blue, or was it red, oh balls, just look for a fast moving, double talking, over-sized car, bearing New York license plates, heading north out of LA with a boyish driver, screaming (he calls it signing) at the top of his lungs (more than likely something from the repertoire of Bert, Ernie or any one of the Beatles). He moves fast, sometimes even faster than the car. From your passenger rear view mirror, pronounced meer, it looks like the image below. Remember, objects in meer are bigger than they appear, especially when driving through Warshingten.

Sorry, closer, they are closer than they appear. Oh just watch out! He may single handedly save the US auto industry one day.

Oh Andy, My Andy!

Oh Andy, My Andy

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