Posted by AndyFan: Yes, mind you, we have added another. Not just any kind of tantrum, a TAndytrum. It borders on the obscene. Actually it doesn’t border on it, it lives right smack dab in the middle of it. Like a small Mexican village where drinking the water will just make everything not quite right for weeks on end; where you are not sure if you are the resident or the alien, but you know you shouldn’t stay either way; where the mood is always mellow on the verge of a cataclysmic apocalypse; where you are certain the roads are paved but there is so much dust lying on the ground that you dare not even breath for fear of being choked; where the women all have the look of the virginal exotic local, only to realize that this bar is the crossroads of the west and you just drank the worm at the bottom of the bottle only to wake up with a hangover, a vague understanding of geographic tongue and no one to tell you if you should show your face at work the next day.

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