It seems that yes… I am AWESOME

Hello new fans. It appears that over this holiday weekend I have been on your mind. Several of you have contacted me to let me know that you have stumbled upon this rant space. Where have you been? Why has it taken so long for you to look for me? Despite the lack of that respect you have showered me with compliments compliments so I will let that go and say thank you. (Yes, I said thank you. See how humble and gracious I am?) Yes, this site is “irresistibly me”. And I also would like to say that I appreciate Andyfan’s recognition of ‘Awesome’ belonging to me, as do ‘saturnine’ and ‘Kablooey’ (and by that I do not mean the alternative ‘Kablooie’.) It’s about time that claim was put to print. So in honor of me, and because you requested it, here is a picture of me BEING awesome… in Jamaica. 


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