Should I Be Scared?

Posted By AndyFan: I was begining to become worried. I, due to circumstances out of my control and of no relevance here, have been unable as of late to provide insight into the world of Andy. Obviously I did not see this interruption coming or I would have prepared several enjoyable stories of Andy doing this or Andy doing that. Stories that would have held you over until I returned with, well, more stories. Andy is full of stories. Or I am full of storeis about Andy, who is usually not full at all, but that is another story, or part of many stories, it is yet to be determined. My point right now is that I was not able to make good on my duties and was growing lax over the past week or so as I was consumed by “other” things. I usually don’t grow so lax so easily and was very confused at my own state. (Michigan?) Suddenly I began to realize why I felt the freedom to grow so lenient (ahh, gas), Andy was not looking over my shoulder at all. In fact, he didn’t even say a word to me last week when he left a message exclaiming something about his cattle. He calls about his cattle all the time, but it is the same problem time and again, and I don’t know anything about cattle. So I am of no use, which he tells me, time and again. So after several messages about his cattle but nothing about my absence, I began to get worried. Maybe Andy was sick. He has bovines, maybe he has swines he has never told me about. He also travels a lot, had he taken his pig (if he in fact has one) to Mexico (not sure which state that is in, but it sounds terrible) for a siesta? You would think this would be the moment that AndyFan calls Andy, but no, circumstances were still prevailing (Andy calls them priorities and thinks that mine are not in line with his) I waited until he called me about his cattle again. When I didn’t pick up his call (because now I was scared) he left me a message, this time not about the cattle. In fact it was very too the point. One my cell phone message he informed me to listen to my other message at home. In fact, he said listen to it twice, once for not picking up at home (due to circumstances) and once for not picking up the cell phone (due to fear of circumstances). When I finally retrieved said message I was relieved. He was mad. Which is good. Well, not for me, at least not this time. When he is mad at others I pull up a chair and watch, because let’s face it, Angry Andy is very funny when he is angry at others. Others can be so frustrating and it is funny to see them get theirs. But this time I was getting mine. Which is not funny, except if I have done my job. Which as of late I have not been doing.

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