Yes, indeed… good work, boys!


For those of you paying attention, and that should be all of you, I took a trip to San Francisco with another guy and our hypnotherapist. Now, the three of us together, at least according to our business cards, are known as ‘two guys and a hypnotherapist’. To me, it seems pretty straight forward. For others, it is confusing. So I will explain it here. I, am a guy. Schwartzy, is a guy. Hunter, is a hypnotherapist. And, together, we are two guys and hypnotherapist. (Didn’t I just say this?)

On our cards we have emails that very few people, as of today, have used. But we did get an email form our northern trip the other day. Schwartzy got it to be exact. He forwarded it on…

So here it is from Schwartzy…

” Good work boys – we confused the hell out of her:”

Begin forwarded message:

From: (I will keep this private)

Date: April 7, 2009 4:39:49 PM PDT


Subject: girl in pink dress on haight and steiner sunday


whats your story. you shouted you loved me.gave me your card. drove away. are you hypnotherapists? comediens? do you have a show or private practice i should see?

your cards need a web address…..