Sound Like A Conspiracy

Posted by AndyFan: Is it just me or are the comments by “said” sister sounding more and more like a government cover up of the owl conspiracy that seems to have plagued California and may be moving east (owls always fly on a westerly wind, where they originate is still a mystery, possibly the redwoods)? Who wouldn’t be worried about Andy? Who would attack this blog for being single focused? Who would dare not let this story unfold? The New York Times isn’t going to cover this, it’s too important! My fear is that either California has fallen into the Pacific (in which case Andy I say you claim it as Andyland and stake a flag in the ground immediately) or as I have said before THE OWLS HAVE TAKEN ANDY!

So “sis,” we will drag this out as long as we want to. Who’s gonna stop us?

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