A Call To Arms!

Posted by AndyFan: We have let our fans down. This is a horrible and sad day. Andy would cry if he thought that he was affected by this at all. We feel very bad that some people are laid up in bed with a cast, but seriously, you act as if this stuff just happens by magic. Well, only Andy knows the spell and he refuses to wave his wand around (did I really just say that?) without good reason. In his absence however I will say this, we are thinking of you and send our very best in hopes that you recover soon so that you can continue enjoying Andy as every good citizen should. By we I mean the organization that is AndyPagana.com. By organization I mean you are so lucky I received this email today and checked my inbox. Wait, it is because you are laid up in bed that you are able to enjoy AndyPagana.com? Andy, I think it is time to call Tanya Harding. I think your fans need some skating lessons.

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  • Sister Sunshine Says:

    Well that was sort of cute and it was appreciated. Still waiting for the next real good rambling or adventure. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we all know what happened with Jack.

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