L.A., We May Have A Problem

Posted By AndyFan: The problem goes by the name of Bridge, our videogrunt. I think he may be dyslexic. Which is the only reason why he still has a job. That and he knows how to cross that gorge that separates AndyPagana.com from the world of YouTube as if he were the George Warshingten, well, Bridge… But his dyslexia has played havoc with an entire summer of posts. I look bad in our heroes eyes because Bridge swapped a few words in my first mission critical message, thereby rendering our pages blank, that is until Andy started recollecting about his Picasso years (Boss, technically the Picasso Museum owns them, they own everything Picasso put his hands on. Thank god all those women are dead!). I told Bridge, “I don’t care what you do next, post the donut image first.” He heard “I don’t care what you do next, do not post the first image.” You can see where things went all wrong. If not than you need more help than Bridge and this blog is surely not enough to help you get you through your day.

None the less, as I stated yesterday, AndyFan was on a mission (people, get with it, I am AndyFan and I like to refer to myself in the third person, I haven’t been gone that long) and this mission brought him all over the globe. Well, he brought a globe with him all over, he didn’t have time to buy a map and the car was leaving, so he grabbed the globe off of his sisters table and carried it under his arm as he traveled from one city to the next. You don’t want to know how many times he was told that the globe was outdated. His response was, “now, now you want to discuss world politics? I don’t care if the Soviet Union is no longer the USSR, is Georgia still in the United States? Can you point me to Georgia.” Ok, the globe was very old, and the words were all worn off. But it got him from point A to point B, regardless of his knowing what town A was or if he should have crossed the tracks in B. I am here and that is all that matters.

I did find a few D&Ds around the globe. I don’t think America “Runs” On Dunkin though. Those globular people weren’t running anywhere. This shot was half way between points M and O, I skipped N, just because. One of these days I will get the framing right. Oh, boss, do they all taste unleaded?


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