Something Must Be Wrong With The Cattle

Posted By Andyfan: It is not that I haven’t talked to Andy, I have quite a bit actually. The problem that I am assuming is that there is something wrong with the cattle. Usually Andy will tell me all about the cattle when it directly relates to me, for which, as I have said, I am typically of no use to him. When the problem with the cattle is outside my very limited scope of herd knowledge, he will make a comment or two but there is little I can do so he just deals as best he can (not always that well, but he tries). You see the less there is wrong with the cattle the more I hear about it. Minor issues. This heifer doesn’t listen when I prod it, that heifer doesn’t even flinch when I prod it, things like that. They are cattle. They don’t always do what he wants. When the cattle are sick I will hear it in his voice, but he won’t say anything, because the problem is bigger then he and I (even together we are not as big as a steer, though we have bigger balls). So, as I have been completely unaware of the state of the cattle, I have to assume that something is particularly wrong with the cattle, that the entire herd is not behaving as it should. Maybe that explains his lack of new stories. I have no excuse for mine.

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