Yes, I had a Gold Star


Here is my high school ID from Newburgh Free Academy. I got a gold star on it which meant I was such a good kid I could roam the halls without a pass and not be questioned. I don’t remember what the little red dot was for. Damn!

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  • Tom Says:

    Andy the red dot was to distinguish what lunch period you had. I had a gold star too go figure. There was one hall monitor who was especially mean and loved to bust cutters. I remember we would act like she caught us, and when she started to scold us for missing class we would “Bam” her with our moo military Id and gold star. The look on her face was priceless as we strolled past her with our chins up!!

  • Andy Says:

    Ahhhh.. the good old days. Thanks for the laugh. Again!

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