Vintage Andy – July 16th 1993

I was still 17. I drove to a secluded little house in upstate NY where I was invited to watch the shooting of Robert Redford’s movie ‘Quiz Show’. I sat about 4 feet away from him and watched him direct. I drew him in my journal. (Thank goodness he didn’t look) The shoot was about as organized as one of my high school movie productions. (As most of you were not  part of one of them, I will leave you wondering if that was organized or not). Redford was a very nice guy. I made him laugh. Michael Ballhaus, the DP, even let me offer him suggestions. He didn’t take them. Rob Morrow, one of the friendliest celebrities I ever happened across, talked my ear off about a book he was publishing of photos from the set of Northern Exposure. Ralph Fiennes, yet to be known from Schindler’s List was also a great guy. A peaceful, fun shoot. For two days I got to go and watch. I even convinced Redford’s masseuse to give me a rub. (I was quite charming in those days) I had to take off my brown fedora because I was drawing too much attention so I wore the hat Redford wore in ‘The Natural’. He appreciated that.

Oh yeah… look how skinny I was.